Moving to a new home or business location can be a big task that often takes most people and businesses months in advance to plan and prepare for. In fact, many people get so caught up in the logistics of moving, they can often forget the smaller vital details that must be attended to as part of any personal or business move.

There are a few key parts of moving that often don't rate at the top of the list of concerns. That is because there are often so many things that need to be considered and attended to that it can seem overwhelming to complete them all. The good news is there are some great resources available that can help people and businesses that are moving to have a smoother transition. Getting in touch with the right assistance and resources with any move is essential in ensuring that the import things go smoothly. While moving the furnishings is often considered the biggest project, the smaller details such as ensuring that a "Change of Address" for mail and utilities goes smoothly can often go overlooked.

Mail Delivery Change of Address

When people or businesses move, it is very important to notify the United State Postal Service (USPS) of the "Change of Address". Forms at local post offices can readily be obtained to notify the Post Office of the move and when mail forwarding should begin. Additionally, there are "Change of Address" forms available online and can be filled out and submitted online at the USPS website.

Having this done in a timely fashion, is critical for both individuals and businesses because undelivered mail can be a costly problem. It should be noted that there can be a bit of a lag time between the mail delivery if it is not attended to previous to a move. That means that critical pieces of mail can get held up and run behind schedule for a few weeks. The USPS does allow for temporary mail changes if necessary and this is an option if needed.

Mail forwarding which is often the service that people use initially when they move, can cause between a week to two weeks in lag time for mail delivery of some items. Once all companies and pertinent people are notified of the change in address for the individual or business, the mail forwarding will level off and there will be no more lag time in mail delivery.

Utility Address Changes

When it comes to utilities, it is essential that individuals and businesses let the utility companies know about the scheduled move in advance. It is often best to give at least a week's notice for the shut off of the present service at the place being moved from. It also is often wise to give it an extra day beyond the move date to keep the utilities on in case of any delays. Forgetting to notify the utility companies such as: electric, gas, water and sewer companies can end up being costly for those who are moving. Especially if someone moving in ends up racking up large bills on their service or it is during a high usage season.

In addition, utilities should be turned on at least the day before into the new location so that there are no glitches upon arrival at the new location. Verifying the "change of address" for both locations is on schedule is important. Calling the companies back a few days before the move is important to making sure there was no oversight from the utility companies and everything is in the system as scheduled.

Forward Your Mail

Nothing is more tedious than getting all your information together to change your mail forwarding with the postal service. US Postal Mail Forwarding is an easy service that we can do for you on your behalf. You never want your mail forwarded to your old address after you've already moved into your new home. In order to insure that your mail will go to the right address, make sure to set up your mail forwarding online here with us. Not only will we take care of your mail forwarding with the postal service, but we also can offer you other moving deals and tips as well! You can forward your mail to a temporary address or a permanent address. There are plenty of options for you when it comes to forwarding your mail online.