Making a big move can be stressful. One of the most important decisions you will make during your move is find a moving company that works best with your needs. Not all moving companies are the same, so it is best to make sure that you follow some helpful tips when looking for a reputable moving service.

Gather Estimates

Most moving companies have different rates and fees for some their moving services. It is advised that you get at least 3 estimates from reputable moving companies in your area. If an estimate seems unusually low than the other estimates, then you should follow up with the company to get a breakdown of costs. It is best if you can find a moving company that gives you a fully detailed estimate including all fees, costs etc.

Verify Moving Company Credentials

You wouldn’t want to hire a contractor for your house without looking up reviews, would you? The same goes for when you are looking for a moving company. Make sure to look up reviews, ratings, as well as credentials for all moving companies you are considering. One might offer you an affordable rate but have horrible customer service and bad reviews. Most companies are not going to tell you up front any issues that have happened with previous customers.

All moving companies are required in each state to have a DOT number as well as a certified license for hauling this type of cargo. Make sure these companies are certified and licensed to perform the moving service for you in the state you depart from as well as the state you’re moving to.

Beware of Extra Fees

When gathering the moving estimate from different companies, make sure to get an itemized list. Previous moving customers have complained of extra fees being added on after the service is completed. Some of these extra fees include if the movers had to navigate up elevators or numerous flights of stairs. Always make sure to ask up front if there will be extra fees for those types of situations.

Ask for a Thorough Walk Through

Moving companies need to know exactly what will be moved to give you a better and more accurate estimate for their services. Make sure you include all items that need to be moved to the estimator. At times, the moving company might send an estimator out to your residence to get a better idea of all the items that will be included in the move. Make sure you are prepared to let the estimator know what items will not be moving with you as well.

Don’t Pay a Large Deposit

Most reliable moving companies will not require cash or a large deposit up front. Be wary if a moving company is requesting this. If you pay in advance, you will not have any control over when you will see your items again.

Finding a reliable moving company doesn’t have to be stressful as long as you follow the above moving tips. Moving companies should take the stress out of moving, not make more. The payoff for taking the time to do the research will payoff greatly for you and your family in the